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July 14-20 in Karpynė

We start the camp 2024 in Karpynė with a mixed 10-15 years-old boys' and girls' camp.

Price - 490 EUR.

Camp meeting - until the evening of July 14. Immediately after - training and dinner. The camp will run until the afternoon of Saturday, July 20.

Practices will be combined with active rest in between - possible actvities in the pool, beach volleyball or soccer fields.

Between sessions, the children will be visited by various basketball personas - basketball players, coaches, referees.

All camp participants will receive a sportswear set free water, and additional insurance against accidents and injuries.

The sessions will take place in groups of 14-15 basketball players, with great attention being paid to each participant. Practices will take place 2-3 times a day.

Campers will be fed 4 times a day: a buffet in the morning before practice, followed by lunch, then a light pre-dinner snack and dinner after practice.

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The basketball camp is organized at the rural tourism homestead in Karpynė, located in the village of Gabšiai on the Vilnius-Klaipėda highway 173 km. 

Basketball training will take place in the Karpynė sports hall, where the NKL home matches are played by Raseinių Rasai. 

Basketball players will be able to change clothes and shower in the locker rooms in the hall or in their rooms/houses.


If the weather is good, they will recover in the outdoor pool.

Morning exercises will take place both outdoors and in the indoor pool. 

Campers will live in hotel-style rooms and cabins with kitchenette, bathroom and terrace located in the Klėtis building.


Meals: breakfast, lunch, pre-dinner snacks, dinner.

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